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About Our School

School Vision
The mission of Montebello Gardens Elementary School is to provide our students with educational opportunities to ensure future success in society and provide a nurturing environment that enhances their self-worth.
Montebello Gardens Elementary School’s vision supports the MUSD Mission Statement, which is to create a learning community focused on preparing all students for high school graduation and ultimately to achieve personal and academic success in the future.
In order to maximize students' potential and to ensure educational and employment opportunities in our society, all staff members will have high expectations and standards for student achievement. Teachers will be instructionally effective and cognizant of changes and strategies relevant to the educational process through yearly staff development activities.
School personnel express positive attitudes and respect for students and their social, cultural and ethnic groups. We provide a safe environment to learn.
Leadership and responsibility are shared among staff members. There is a strong academic orientation throughout Montebello Gardens programs based on clearly defined, high expectations for learning and behavior. The staff members focus on improving and sustaining excellence in the educational program.
Involving parents and educators in a partnership in educating children are a high priority at Montebello Gardens Elementary.
Staff and parents are actively involved in planning and evaluating school programs to ensure quality education for all students.
School and Community
Montebello Gardens Elementary School is located in the City of Pico Rivera. Pico Rivera is a community of over 63,771 (2013) residents located approximately two miles east of the Montebello Unified School District Office. Montebello Gardens serves 376 students in grades transitional kindergarten through fifth. Montebello Gardens’ ethnicity is 98% Hispanic, 2% other. 100% of Montebello Gardens Students students qualify to receive free lunch. 36% of Montebello Gardens’ students are English learners and 64 % are English only (EO). Attendance at MGE continues to increase, with actual attendance for the 2018-2019 school year at 97%.